Buck Yeah!

Looks like our buddies at Third Degree totally cleaned up this year at the Oklahoma City ADDYs with their Buck the Norm campaign!! Buck yeah! Buck the Norm won Best Interactive, Best Broadcast and Best In Show!!! Whoo hoo! We had a lot of fun working on this project. Besides finding a unique piece of[…]

Sea Orchestra

Supposedly this terrific ad has been running during the Olympic Games but I haven’t seen it on TV yet. Our local NBC affiliate has been too busy running spots about the messianic power of their chief meteorologist to promote anything else. So, thank you internet for the following charming advertisement that I haven’t seen on[…]

Ad Clouds

Meet a Flogos. It’s a “mixture of soap-based foams and lighter-than-air gases such as helium” that can be shaped into a floating logo (float + logo = flogo). That’s right, it’s an air-born advertising event. “Mommy look! That cloud looks like Mickey Mouse.” That’s because it’s been shaped from a stencil of Mickey Mouse. Awww.[…]

Voices Inside My Head

According to this article in AdAge, A&E has partnered with Holosonic Research Labs to create a billboard in SOHO that beams a discreet audio message to pedestrians walking down Prince Street. The effect is known as an “audio spotlight” and it leaves the listener with the impression that they are hearing voices inside their head.[…]