The Kids Are Alright

Our buddy Henry, the creative super-genius at Bumpercar Advertising, had a pretty swell idea for radio recently. The idea? Let’s create a radio ad with a bunch of kids and without scripts. To which we said, “What the! How we gonna. . !” The answer: interviews. Let’s record reactions to a subject near and dear to just about every kid’s heart – the Zoo!

So we got a bunch of kids together and asked them some questions about the zoo. Questions like: What’s your favorite animal? What’s the scariest animal? What sound does that animal make?

The other brilliant idea Henry had was to record these interviews in pairs. Not only would we get the kids reactions to our questions but we’d also get their reactions to each other’s answers. And hopefully there’d be some funny, sibling-rivalry type stuff caught on tape.

The results were pretty awesome if we must say so ourselves. So, without further ado, here’s our recent work for Bumpercar Advertising and the Nashville Zoo.

Nashville Zoo :60 Radio

Nashville Zoo :30 Radio

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