Voices Inside My Head

According to this article in AdAge, A&E has partnered with Holosonic Research Labs to create a billboard in SOHO that beams a discreet audio message to pedestrians walking down Prince Street. The effect is known as an “audio spotlight” and it leaves the listener with the impression that they are hearing voices inside their head. The weird effect is a perfect match for the promotion (the holosonic billboard promotes a series on A&E focusing on paranormal experiences) but it seems that New Yorkers are giving the adverting stunt mixed reviews. I especially like Gawker’s take on the gimick:

The billboard says 73% of Americans believe and I’m assuming that that means 73% of Americans believe in ghosts. So if that’s true, why try to convert the skeptical/not crazy 27% by beaming voices into their heads? That’s just greedy. Also it leads to a lingering sense of serious mental violation. How soon will it be until in addition to the Do Not Call list, we’ll have a Do Not Beam Commercial Messages Into My Head list?