Never Kill A Snake With Your Bare Hands

TELEPHONEME | MK12 from MK12 on Vimeo.

Whoa. Now that is some truly superb sound design. I am talking earache-of-the-sublime good. Plus, to these ears, it sounds like a new take on sonic hauntology. Sure there are some glitch elements at play in the piece but the way in which the sound designers placed the VO from the Alphabet Conspiracy within an audio collage made up of sci-fi synth pads and dusty, mid-century educational film samples makes this soundtrack feel like it’s being broadcast from a radio station run by ghosts. Which is totally rad. Of course the visuals give this short video that 1950s science class feel. And the font is definitely cool. But the audio! The audio here is killing me. Also, I really wish we had an Electronic Automatic Sound-Spectrograph Computing Digit Translator Playback Recognizer Machine. Do you think if we reverse engineered it, it could kick out a transcendental signifier or two?




Alphabet Conspiracy

via @ILMsux