Enter the Auto-Tune Chamber

Check. It. Out. I finally got a chance to try out the Auto-Tune Chamber here at Lucky Dog Audio. From a voice talent’s point of view, it’s kind of scary inside the chamber. With the unnatural gloam created by the blacklight glow lights, the acrid, cold taste to the air from the emissions of the multi-angle fog machine, and the ridiculous cover charge once you are in the door, the whole experience evokes the ante-room from Saturday Night Fever’s 2001 Odyssey discotheque crossed with the isolation tank from Altered States. But this is where you have to go in order to get that Auto-Tune sound, so into the chamber I went.

Listen to “TFCU3172-60-WinBooks2010 2.”

Agency: Third Degree Creative • Writer: Daniel Solis • Campaign: Buck the Norm: Win Your Books 2010