The Truth Must Come Out / The Birth of the Soderberghicon

Yesterday Scott received the following, troubling email from Brother Jay:

I am very sorry to have to do this, but I feel like I can’t be a party to anything secret anymore.

Scott, without you knowing, I took this picture of you in the diner that I have breakfast at every Thursday. I don’t know why you were in California, or what you are trying to hide from us all, but I felt like I must expose this lie. It’s time for you to come clean. Tell us all – what were you doing in Van Nuys at Nat’s Early Bite Café? Just having eggs, or something more sinister? Hopefully, this cruel twist of fate will be the start of healing.

Seriously, I about freaked out when I saw this guy, and had to take his picture on the sly. My friends were horrified. Is this creepy, or what?


To which Scott replied:

You’ve caught me. For some years, I have maintained a dual career. You
may know some of my films: Traffic, Erin Brockovich, Oceans’ Eleven.

I am deeply saddened that you felt this necessary. I’m sure both my
families will suffer.

See attached pics for more proof. As if you needed any.

Scott (Steven)

So now the truth is out. Scott is also Steven Soderbergh. And to commemorate the occasion, we have created the Soderberghicon (below and to the left).

Yes, the Soderberghicon will surely be used as Scott’s iChat avatar but more importantly than that, we will use it as a badge of honor here on the Lucky Dog blog. From now on, we will drop yon Soderberghicon in all posts worthy of special attention.

We created the Soderberghicon because we care.