The Soderberghicon Rides Again

In the first chapter of the Soderberghicon story, we told you how our auspicious icon came into being. The thing we failed to emphasize in that brief narrative was the fact that we are big Soderbergh fans. Not only did we create the Soderberghicon because we think Scott looks like Steven Soderbergh, we created it because we think highly of Soderberg, the director. We are fans (not including Solaris) and so we consider his visage in a meritorious light here at the Lucky Dog blog. Therefore, anytime something we have created gets an award, we mark the corresponding blog entry with our Soderberghicon after which follows much rejoicing.

Enough said. Now lets move on to the awards.

Yes. It’s ADDY time again, and this year we are extremely happy to mention that several spots produced here at Lucky Dog Audio Post brought honor and prestige to our clients. Whoo hoo!

First off, two spots we produced for Third Degree Advertising won judges awards in this year’s Oklahoma City Advertising Club awards ceremony. As writer/broadcast producer/creative whizzagoth Brian Winkeler reports, the Funds for Learning on hold message he produced with us last year won the Fontana Comedy Award. Brian went on to say that “from what we hear, it was the only unanimous Judges Award amongst a contentious group.” Also the “Think it Up – 2007 Addy Awards” trailer we helped create won the Judges Citation of Merit or, as Brian put it, the “aka “we couldn’t give this the Best Of Show so we’re creating a special category” award. Sweet!

Turning to the east, Justin Dobbs of Red Deluxe fame and fortune won big at this year’s Memphis Advertising Federation awards. In his customarily effusive and overly ebullient manner Justin reported that he won the “Jan Gardner memorial award for outstanding radio copy or something” as well as “3-4 other awards in broadcast and in local-only copywriting.” We will proudly Soderberghicon his spot “The Reporter” for him while playing his favorite song here at the studio, the Aphex Triplets remix of “God Rest Ye Eskimo Knife Boundaries.”

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  • “…not including Solaris…”? Are you kidding? Come on!

    I mean, sure, it was kind of self-indulgent and boring, but you could bounce a @#$%ing quarter off of Clooney’s bare ass. That was a sight to behold.

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