One thought on “Talking Head Bike Tour”

  • Dig this entry from a month back. . . David Byrne at the Whole Hog! I woulda taken him to Sim’s, but whatever.

    We drive on and make Little Rock by dinner-time. Another Holiday Inn. This one has a presidential theme (Bill Clinton was Governor), so there are pictures of Bill, and of George Bush (!) and framed copies of the Declaration of Independence. The front desk recommends a Bar-B-Q place not far away and we rush out before their 8PM closing. (8PM! New Yorkers are just sitting down to eat!). The place — The Whole Hog Café — justifies the recommendation. There are trophies all over the walls and plaques for all the awards their BBQ has won. I am recognized by one of the staff and I sign a bunch of autographs on the sidewalk outside. It was really sweet.

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