Sushi Cake

Allison turned twelve this week, and her mom helped her put on a party. Karen seems to enjoy the party-giving. That, or she’s compensating for something. I don’t want to know.

The party consisted of two main parts: the Amazing Race part, wherein 13 girls run around the neighborhood to find the next clue and trying not to get run over by Hillcrest traffic; and the wacky dinner part, where Cameron was a fancy waiter taking orders and serving mystery food.

Then there was the cake.

Ally enthusiastically added sushi to her plate this year. It was on our third or fourth outing that she asked, “hey, is this stuff raw?” But it was too late. Hanaroo maki is not to be denied.

Behold, the sushi cake. Made by Karen. Inspired by watching too much Ace Of Cakes. She’s the greatest.

Sushi cake 4

Sushi Cake 3

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