Today I spent the morning at Rose City Middle School for career day. A friend of mine who teaches art there asked me to come and talk to his class about audio work and advertising. I talked to three different groups of students. All of the groups wanted to know if we ever produced spots featuring kids. “As a matter of fact we do,” I said and then I played them one of these awesome spots we produced for the Nashville Zoo two years ago. “Cool! I want to work for you,” said one student. This then led us into a discussion about acting and how voice actors use their voices to evoke certain emotions. After class, the student who wanted to be a voice actor wrote her name, age, and a short description of her range as a voice actor on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

Lots of voice talent out there have blurby subtitles they use on their websites to promote themselves. You know, catchy little phrases that say something about their personality or style. One that immediately comes to mind is Bob Jump who is The Voice of America. Another is Caryn Clark who is the Hip Voice Chick. Jonathan Hanst has a good one, too, i say stuff for a living. You get the idea. Well, before this entry turns into an Andy Rooney observation piece, let me just say that this torn notebook paper contains my new favorite voice talent slogan:

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