As of January 2008, Lucky Dog Audio Post has taken over distribution of SeedWork‘s Kanuga Summer Lecture series. Currently 53 62 lectures are available either on individual CD or for free download from Big Contact and iTunes!

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In addition to the Big Contact page, the SeedWork lectures can also be found at where each lecture has been assigned it’s own webpage.

Lectures currently available are as follows (all links to host pages).

2003 Kanuga Summer Dream Conference:

  1. Why Dreamwork Needs The Church And The Church Needs Dreamwork
  2. Biblical, Church, and Conversion Dreams
  3. Masculine And Feminine In Christ And In Us
  4. Three Church Dream Group Movements
  5. Encountering The Sacred Feminine
  6. Dreams and Life After Death
  7. Shadow, Complex, and Projection in Light of the Gospel
  8. What Individuation Really Looks Like

2004 Kanuga Summer Dream Conference:

  1. Dreams, Parables, and the Kingdom of Heaven
  2. The Six Principles of Group Dream Work
  3. Longterm Relationships and the Unconscious: The Dance of the Selves
  4. How Dreams and Jung Have Helped My Spiritual Journey
  5. The Woman In Blue: The Deep Feminine Invites Us To Christ
  6. Individuation and Dreams in the Life of Thomas Merton
  7. Individuation and the Pearl of Great Price

2005 Kanuga Summer Dream Conference:

  1. Dreams and a Living Relationship with Christ
  2. The Prophetic Dreams, 1890
  3. Why Dreams? Why Us? Why Now?: Exploring the Popularity of the “Da Vinci Code”
  4. Sophia Provides Strength to Surrender to the Self
  5. Dream Recall and Hints for Working with Your Dreams
  6. Masculine and Feminine Split in the Garden, Healed by Christ
  7. Dreams and Addiction
  8. Children’s Dreams and Nightmares
  9. Dreams of Everlasting Life

2006 Kanuga Summer Dream Conference:

  1. Dante’s Divine Comedy and Individuation
  2. A 21st Century Christian Toolkit
  3. Dreams That Help Us Set Boundaries
  4. Working with the Language of Dreams
  5. Dreams and the Evolution of Consciousness
  6. Walking the Walk: A Forum on Church Dream Groups
  7. Dreams and Metaphysics
  8. Working with Color in Dreams
  9. Lucid Dreams
  10. Dreams and Our Need for Story

2007 Kanuga Summer Dream Conference:

  1. Your God Is Alive and Well and Appearing in Popular Culture
  2. The Non-Striving Masculine and the Confirmation of the Feminine
  3. How Dreams and Jung Have Helped Me as a Priest
  4. The Dreams Of Gilgamesh
  5. The Spiral of Transformation (featuring Trapeze Song)
  6. Dream Work To Solve Societal Problems
  7. Jesus and the Book of Wisdom
  8. Fear and the Shaping of Religion
  9. Dreams and Life After Death

2008 Kanuga Summer Dream Conference:

  1. The Revelation of John as a Process of Individuation
  2. The Context for Inner Work
  3. Oneness and Dreams
  4. The Language of Dreams, Looking for God in the Engine Room
  5. The Myth of Odysseus
  6. Elements Always Present in Dreams
  7. Quantum Mechanics, Dreams, & Spirituality
  8. Glimpses from the Archetypal World
  9. Then There’s the Problem of Evil
  10. Organic Religion, The Natural Process of Religious Life

2009 Kanuga Summer Dream Conference:

  1. Dreamwork: A New Spiritual Discipline for a New Time
  2. Here We Stand at the Crossroads: Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung
  3. Fairy Tales and the Unconscious Scripts We Live By
  4. Recognizing Archetypical Patterns & the Inner/Divine Message
  5. Thomas Merton’s Dreams and Individuation Process
  6. Night Visions: The Dance of Transformation
  7. Dreams & the Evolution of Consciousness: Individual & Collective
  8. Christian Mystics and Jungian Expressions
  9. Dreams and Synchronicity