Pedal Talk Vol. 2: Real Estate















































The Pedals of Martin Courtney, IV:

MXR Phase 90

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

The Pedals of Matthew Mondanile, III:

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

Roland Space Echo

Small Stone

Yesterday New Jersey’s Real Estate stopped by the studio for our second installment of Pedal Talk, our new podcast devoted to guitar effects pedals. Matthew (left channel) and Martin (right channel) are doing some really cool, subtle stuff with delays and phasers. No distortion boxes here. These two are devoted to clean sounds modulated, at times, by wide and slow phaser washes provided by either their MXR Phase 90 or Electro-Harmonix Small Stone. Aside from the occasional Roland Space Echo feedback whoosh AKA “the hurricane sound” (well-documented in this episode), their delay pedal settings feature quick and close echo returns more akin to reverb. Interestingly Matthew uses his Boss DD-7 Digital delay for a volume boost more than for a delay. It’s also cool to learn that they used their guitar effects for filtering their vocals on their new cd (buy it here, here, or here). All in all we had a great conversation. Plus they graced us with an in-studio performance of “Fake Blues.” Dig it. Here’s Vol. 2:

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