Maxcast 3

Check it, your’s truly talking and spinning some of my favorite tunes straight from the vinyl as a part of Max Recordings new Maxcast series.

Download’s available both from Maxcast and


Minutemen – Joe McCarthy’s Ghost

Fleetwood Mac – Think About Me

Jessamine – Say What You Can… Or What You Mean

Nuno Canavarro – Wask

Tom Waits – Walking Spanish

R. L. Burnside – Poor Black Mattie

Evolution Control Committee – Rebel Without a Pause

Wire – Kidney Bingos

Nancy & Lee – You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

Swell Maps – Midget Submarines

Magic Hour – Chance Was

Prick Decay – Play Arm Above Picture

Here’s how our friends at Max are pimpin this:

The Maxcast series rolls into 09 with a fresh installment featuring Charles Wyrick. For the uninitiated, Charles is a bit of a wunderman [oomlats anybody?]: by day heading up shop at production house Lucky Dog Audio and by night wrangling massive guitar sounds in bands around LR [The Easys, Boondogs, Jim Mize, etc]. To boot, a great person to talk music & drink a few libations with as we found out via Maxcast #3.