Que es mas macho, Snow Leopard or Yeti?

Scott and I updated our computers to Mac OS X Snow Leopard a couple of days ago. So far so good. Purportedly these are the enhancements and refinements that we are now enjoying:

*Larger Icon Sizes

*More Reliable Disc Eject

*Sortable Search Results

Source = www.apple.com/macosx/refinements/enhancements-refinements.html

But rumor has it there’s a new OS X lurking way off in the future that’s gonna kill. Literally. From what I’ve read online this OS is capable of:

*Nocturnal Activity

*Whistling and Growling

*Single Punch Kills


and this is a direct quote:

*”It will kill animals, but is not necessarily dangerous to humans.”

Source = http://fun.familyeducation.com/hobbies-and-interests/mythology/35246.html

Watch your back, Snow Kitten.