Bunnies, The New Threat

In what has to be the most hilarious “technical difficulty” story of recent times, let me relate a little problem we had with an ISDN talent (who shall remain anonymous) the other day. Basically we had a couple of pickups to record and our gracious talent agreed to squeeze us in before another session. When we dialed her, the sound coming down the line was totally frazzled. We could barely hear her and then the audio completely dropped out. A few minutes later we got a harried email saying “I am having major technical problems….” Thankfully we had a little wiggle room with our production schedule so we told her to get back in touch with us when she got back online.

One day later, we finally heard back. Turns out that the day of our session, her spouse acquired a bunny for the family. Somehow the bunny got into her home studio and chewed up her audio lines. Nice bunny.

Pictured above: Hazel and Sweet Fur, two of the most ferocious bunnies I’ve ever encountered. Sweet Fur actually screamed at me once. If you have friends that ever ask you to take care of their bunnies for them, let me tell you from personal experience, DON’T DO IT.