Bjork Attack

Here’s footage of Bjork performing live on Later with Jools Holland. This is inspirational and cool on so many levels. The song is dedicated to Faroese Independence. Plus, some guy in the band is playing a Reactable! Wow! I am enamored both by that and by that dirgy synth-bass line. And check out the the French Horn players. So colorful! So dissonant! Also, did you notice? Paul seems to be digging the song too.

via MeFi

3 thoughts on “Bjork Attack

  • uh. i LOVE Bjork. And I LOVE this song. But i wish you hadn’t told me about the Faroe Islands thing. The whole “make your own currency, raise your own flag” lyric thing is much more interesting as a metaphor, no?

  • Okay, this has a whole different vibe if you are listening to Zack and Cody computer game music on top of Bjork. I thought it was cool video and the music had a fun 60’s vibe, albeit repetitive, but couldn’t hear the lead singer. Note to self: Make sure kid games are closed out before you try to listen to audio. Now, I’ll go back and listen again.

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